Joseph Martinez - Principal Carpenter Community Charter

"Nigel Rush has been an important member of the Carpenter school community for the past 8 years.  At Carpenter we are blessed to have lots of parent input.  However, I can honestly say, very few parents have volunteered as much of their time and energy as Nigel towards improving safety at our school.  Nigel developed and coordinated our school's current Traffic Management System, and he regularly organized volunteer security teams for major school events.    Nigel Rush is personable, trustworthy and very dependable."

Michael Eames - President PEN Music Group

“I have known Nigel Rush for over 10 years and have worked closely with him and his wife, songwriter Pam Sheyne, all during this time.  Nigel is one of the most organized, attentive, and detail-oriented people I know - and his sense of humor makes every encounter enjoyable.  I would highly recommend Nigel as a real estate agent as he treats everyone as family and also fights hard for what is right and fair.  He always goes the extra mile and in the current climate of how everyone is distracted by the innumerable details of our daily lives coming at us from all angles, Nigel’s care and attention is a breath of fresh air.”

Nigel Elderton - Chairman PRS for Music

"I have known and worked with Nigel Rush over the past twenty five years. Nigel is a trustworthy, hardworking and engaging person who I have no hesitation in endorsing.
I have no doubt that Nigel will continue to make a success of anything that he cares to turn his hand to having successfully managed his songwriter wife for many years as well as having worked in numerous areas of the UK music industry. Should you require any specific information I would be pleased to assist."